Tooth Colored Fillings Are Your Alternative to a Metal Smile

tooth colored fillings

Being told by your dentist that you have a cavity or two is never easy. Your first thought will likely be that your smile will no longer be appealing. Why? The prior type of amalgam fillings used to fill a cavity was dark. You’ve likely seen filled cavities in your parents or grandparents mouths and thought, well that’s not a good look. With today’s technology, you have the option of tooth-colored fillings so that there are no dark spots in your mouth.

What are Tooth Colored Fillings?

Tooth colored fillings are composite fillings used by dentists to fill cavities now instead of the traditional silver material. No longer do you need to live with a mouth full of metal when dealing with cavities since composite fillings are now available. These new fillings are safer for your health and blend right in with the color of your remaining teeth so that your smile is never changed.

Discreet Repair of Your Teeth

When you suffer from cavities or other tooth decay problems, you have the option to have tooth-colored fillings installed in your mouth. The composite of this product can be altered so that the filling matches the natural color of your remaining teeth, making sure that your smile stays the same. This type of filling is made up of glass and plastic, making it easier for the dentist to match the shade of your teeth. Because of this, your fillings will be discreet, making the dilemma of choosing between tooth-colored fillings vs silver an easy one to decide.

Benefits of Tooth Colored Fillings

Aside from the benefits already discussed above, tooth-colored fillings can provide patients with the following:

  • A tooth’s chemical structure easily bonds with the composite used in the filling
  • In order to place the composite, less of the tooth will need to be removed
  • Use of composite filling is a more conservative project compared to amalgam
  • Composite fillings are biocompatible, which means there will not be small amounts of mercury present like there are in amalgam

When to Replace Fillings

If you already have silver or gold fillings in your mouth, it doesn’t mean you can’t replace them. With today’s technology, dentists can replace your amalgam fillings with composite ones quite easily. If you are wondering what color is a tooth filling, you should ask your dentist to show you a brochure of what composite fillings look like. This will make your decision easier when replacing your current fillings with composite fillings that will match the shade of your teeth. Don’t wait for your teeth to crack, your filling to fall out, or for your tooth to suffer decay. Replace your fillings with tooth-colored fillings now.

Interested in Tooth Colored Fillings? Call Florida Dental Solutions

Are you interested in learning more about the various dental fillings available today? If so, it’s important that you schedule an appointment with your Hollywood, Florida dentist. The team from Florida Dental Solutions offers the latest in tooth-colored fillings so your smile won’t look like a mangled mess of silver and gold when dealing with cavities. Call our office today at 954-362-4102 to schedule an appointment.

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