As many as 95 percent of Americans think oral care is vital to their overall well-being. And routine dental exams are the most important preventative step to identifying and treating dental problems before they become complicated.

It is important for you to understand all about a dental exam and how we do it at Florida Dental Solutions.

Your Routine Dental Exam:

What to Expect

During your appointment, a dentist or dental hygienist will clean your teeth thoroughly to get rid of plaque, stains, and any excess food particles that accumulate over time. They would also check for gum disease and cavities.

The dentist will evaluate your oral health to identify the risk of developing other kinds of problems later. In fact, they would also check your mouth, neck, and face to make sure there aren’t any abnormalities.

That’s why our routine dental exams usually include dental x-rays or other diagnostic techniques as needed.

We will also discuss your oral hygiene habits and diet, and give you pointers about the right way to brush and floss. Our dental hygienist will also advise you on the lifestyle factors that can impact your oral health. If you want any cosmetic improvements to your teeth, feel free to talk about it during your dental exam.

Routine dental exams ensure that your oral health stays in good shape, and if there are any problems, they can be detected early for effective treatment. We at Florida Dental Solutions firmly believe that prevention is better than cure.

The Best Time to Have Dental Exams

According to the American Dental Association, all adults should visit a dentist’s office at intervals recommended by the dentist.

Contrary to what many people think, you should go for regular dental exams even if you no longer have your natural set of teeth. Regular visits will help you maintain your oral health and ensure that your replacement teeth last longer.

Worried that your dental exam might be painful and uncomfortable? Share your concerns with our dental hygienist and dentist! We will be happy to adjust the procedure to help you feel more at ease during your visit.

Specific Measures Taken During Your Routine Dental Exam

Our dentist will perform the following procedures during a dental exam:

  • Evaluate the risk of root decay, tooth decay, bone or gum disease
  • Evaluate whether there is a need for tooth replacement or restoration
  • Remove deposits, plaques, and/or stains on your teeth
  • Check your jaw and bite for problems
  • Evaluate your need for fluoride
  • Demonstrate how to clean your teeth (or dentures) properly
  • Take radiograms (dental x-rays) or other diagnostic steps (if needed)
  • Check your overall oral hygiene and health.

Why You May Need a Dental X-Ray

In order to see detailed images of your mouth, our dentist may take an x-ray, but these are not necessary on every visit. Here are the most common types of dental x-rays:

Periapical – It allows the dental hygienist to see your tooth in its entirety as well as the bone surrounding that tooth.

Bitewing It allows the dentist to see the crowns of your lower and upper teeth.

Occlusal – It allows the hygienist to see how exactly your lower and upper teeth fit together when your jaw is shut.

Cone Beam Computerized Tomography It shows a 3-D view of your teeth so your dentist can see how they are spaced along with the adjacent structures.

Panoramic It shows a broad view of your entire mouth.

How Is an Oral Cancer Exam Conducted?

Our dentist will also look for signs of oral cancer during a regular dental exam. It’s quite a straightforward process. They will check and feel the following areas to spot any early signs of oral cancer:

  • Sides of your tongue
  • Floor and roof of your mouth
  • Sides of your neck
  • Insides of your cheeks and your lips
  • Under your jaw

Why Do We Need to Take Your Dental Impression?

This doesn’t happen often but in some cases, our dentist may decide to make a dental impression of your jaws to create a replica of your oral tissue and teeth. This helps us evaluate your bite or produce bleaching trays or a mouthguard for you.

What Happens After the Routine Dental Exam?

Our dentist will discuss your oral health once your dental exam is finished. In case there is any risk of gum disease, tooth decay, or any other problem, they will talk to you about the preventive measures required to protect and improve your oral health.

They will also recommend the best time for your follow-up appointment. In case you are at high risk of any oral health problem, the dentist may recommend frequent visits.

Visiting a dentist’s office shouldn’t be a scary or painful exercise. At Florida Dental Solutions we strive to make your dental visit a happy and healthy experience.

Helping you improve your smile and maintain your oral health.

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