The Importance of Dental Health

At Florida Dental Solutions, we understand that, for one reason or another, many people may not see much of a need to make an appointment with a dentist. They may believe that their oral hygiene is just fine, or that coming in for check-ups twice a year is not truly necessary. They might even believe that they only need to see a dentist for some sort of tooth-related medical emergency. These reasons and more may explain the findings of a survey conducted by Gallup in 2014, which indicated that almost a third of all American adults did not visit a dental practitioner in the previous year.

With all that said, that same survey demonstrates that approximately two-thirds of all American adults did see a licensed professional about their teeth. Many people are aware of the importance of maintaining their dental health. They also know that consulting a medical professional is just as vital as brushing and flossing at home. The check-ups and cleanings you receive during these visits are intended to prevent any detrimental or damaging oral hygiene issues. Dismissing regular visits to the dentist out of a belief that they are not necessary may result in changes to your health that could then make a visit necessary.

If you have not made an appointment with a dental professional within the past year or more, then you may be at risk of a variety of oral health issues. Florida Dental Solutions strives to address and prevent these risks. To make sure that making an appointment with us is not intimidating, we also work to provide a welcoming environment. That way, our patients can feel comfortable while receiving the care they need. When you visit our office Hollywood, you are guaranteed high-quality treatment at competitive prices. Schedule a visit with us for general dentistry today.

Routine Dental Cleanings

Dental health professionals typically seek to schedule one or two appointments with their patients each year specifically for cleanings and check-ups. Florida Dental Solutions is no exception. During routine cleanings, our hygienists remove any plaque and tartar that may have built up in a patient’s gums. They also use specialized toothpaste, high-end brushes, and professional flossing techniques to clean your teeth with the extensiveness that only an expert can provide. We extract any foreign material in your mouth that you might have difficulty even finding on your own, let alone removing. Before the end of the session, we may also treat your teeth with fluoride and other sealants.

The purpose of these regular visits is not just to thoroughly clean our patients’ teeth in the present. These sessions are part of a preventive program to make sure that our patients continue to have good dental health in the future. The fluoride and sealant treatments are protective measures, improving your ability to ward off cavities. Every aspect of the deep-cleaning is designed to take care of anything stuck within your mouth that, if left untouched, can result in an infection or other problems. Furthermore, we may capture X-ray images of your teeth so we can examine them in greater depth. We can then locate any developing cavities, misalignment and other potential issues, which we then try to nip at the bud. When our health professionals ask you to come in for a routine cleaning, they are not trying to inconvenience you. In fact, they are trying to make it so that you do not have to come in again for something more serious.

Oral Hygiene

The work that people put into keeping up their dental health is, of course, extremely valuable. One additional benefit of routine cleanings is that dentists have the opportunity to remind people of their own role in maintaining their hygiene. Even people who make sure that they brush and floss between your teeth regularly have good reasons to regularly visit a dentist’s office.

Licensed practitioners have access to unique and specialized equipment that can go deeper and clean your teeth more effectively than the tools you have at home. They also know more advanced cleaning techniques from years of professional experience. This enables your teeth to receive more extensive treatment that improves your overall health and hygiene. That, in turn, serves to significantly lower the risk of possible issues with your oral well-being.

We Can Help You Maintain a Beautiful Smile

Of course, these general dental practices are only some of the services that we can provide for you at Florida Dental Solutions. The dental health professionals at our Davie office can also provide restorative treatments. These procedures and programs can reverse the damaging effects of various oral hygiene issues, including decay, infection and more.

We do all of this with the goal of restoring your teeth to their original state of health. Additionally, our team can even handle cosmetic dentistry to those who know precisely how they want their smile to look. We apply the exact same diligence, skill and enthusiasm toward giving you the smile that you desire.

Florida Dental Solutions is devoted to helping patients with anything they need. That is why we provide anyone who visits our Davie, FL office with comprehensive care in a comforting environment. We even offer competitive pricing, so that no one needs to be dissuaded from receiving the dental care that they require. Contact us at 954-362-4102 and arrange an appointment today.

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