Teeth grinding or jaw clenching is a fairly common habit – a natural reaction to stress. The formal medical term for clenching or grinding teeth is bruxism. Grinding typically happens at night, but can also take place during the day.  

Grinding your teeth can be harmful. It is terrible for your teeth and can lead to some painful symptoms. It can damage enamel, cause jaw pain, or irritate your gums.

If you wake up with frequent headaches, it may be caused by teeth grinding at night while you sleep. Headaches accompanied by teeth soreness usually points to bruxism as the cause.

The solution is often a dental mouth guard.

How Will You Know if You Should Use a Mouth Guard?

During your routine examination at Florida Dental Solutions, one of our dental experts will be able to determine if you suffer from the effects of teeth grinding. While you might think teeth grinding might seem harmless, it may be a sign of a severe disorder such as TMJ (temporomandibular joint disorder) and sleep apnea. TMJ is an inflammation of the temporomandibular joint that can present itself in an array of serious symptoms including headaches and hearing loss.

There is no cure for teeth grinding. At Florida Dental Solutions, we help our patients avoid the consequences of teeth grinding. If it’s necessary, we will recommend a custom-made mouth guard for you to wear at night. It is specially designed to prevent the surfaces of your teeth from rubbing against each other while you sleep.

Mouth guards are also an excellent treatment for jaw clenching and teeth grinding.

Are All Mouths Guards the Same?

Choosing a proper mouth guard is essential. The mouth guards we recommend are fitted for comfort, allowing for regular breathing. They are also easy to clean. The professional staff at Florida Dental Solutions will take an impression of your teeth, and a dental lab will create your mouth guard.

The hardness of the material used in the mouth guard is crucial. Guards made with softer materials can actually promote grinding and cause jaw pain. If the material is too hard, it may be uncomfortable.

Mouth guards are durable, and you can use yours for several years. If your teeth are broken, worn or damaged from grinding, we can fix them with restorative treatments. Dental crowns can fix the size and shape of a broken tooth. We work hard to return your beautiful smile and help restore your self-confidence.

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