Clear aligners are quickly gaining popularity as an effective way to realign teeth. More discreet than traditional braces, whose metal hardware can irritate gums and embarrass wearers, clear aligners give patients effective results – without the eyesore. Here’s Florida Dental Solutions’ guide to clear aligners.

What Are Clear Aligners?

Clear aligners are a popular, modern dental solution to straightening teeth without conventional metal braces. Smooth, durable – and nearly invisible – plastic is custom molded into a set of aligners that snap into place over the user’s teeth. Every two weeks, the user exchanges the old aligners for a new set that slowly straighten the patient’s teeth to their correct positions.

Clear aligners, however, are not for everyone. For those with severe straightening or re-spacing issues, traditional metal braces may be more effective. Your dentist will be able to scan your mouth to see if you are a good candidate for clear aligners.

What Are the Benefits of Clear Aligners?

Clear aligners offers many benefits over traditional metal braces. These include:

  • Comfort – Clear aligners, while uncomfortable with initial usage, is usually considered much more comfortable than traditional braces, which can cause irritation to the gums.
  • Removable – Clear aligners are removable, which allows users the chance to remove them for meals or any other reason.
  • Easy to clean — Clear aligners are easier to keep clean, making it easier to maintain the health of your teeth and gums.
  • Invisible – Clear aligners are nearly invisible, meaning patients can have all the benefits of traditional braces, without the unsightly metal and rubber bands.
  • Protect Teeth Clear aligners prevent damage to teeth and enamel from tooth grinding.

How Long Does It Take?

As with traditional metal braces, the length of time a patient will have to use clear aligners to get the results they desire can vary greatly. Generally speaking, the average length treatment with clear aligners is about 12 months. The overall time frame, however, is dependent on the severity of the alignment issues with the teeth, to begin with. For a more accurate estimation of the length of treatment, it is best to consult your dentist.

Is There Any Discomfort with Clear Aligners?

When beginning treatment, patients may experience discomfort. As the aligners fit over the top of the teeth, they can take some getting used to – users may find themselves subconsciously try to remove them in their sleep. In addition, as the teeth begin to shift, users may experience pain and discomfort – this is normal and is similar to metal braces. The pain will subside over time.

Dental Financing

We aim to make every trip to the dentist as painless and pleasurable as possible for our clients. And that includes our pricing! Unfortunately, however, some procedures are costlier than others. We always strive to provide our patients with as much information as possible so that they can make the best decisions, not only for their health but also their wallets. Here is a guide on everything you need to know about cosmetic dental financing.

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