Is Teeth Whitening Permanent?

teeth whitening

In life, nothing is permanent, and it is the same with teeth whitening. The reason why teeth whitening isn’t permanent is the same reason why many people seek the procedure in the first place: stains caused by food and beverages.  To fully understand why teeth whitening isn’t permanent, it is essential to know how the process of staining occurs, and how whitening procedures reverse this staining. At Florida Dental Solutions we understand the social problems that come with discolored teeth. Here’s everything you need to know about teeth whitening, and why it isn’t permanent.

Tooth Enamel

Many believe that staining is the result of continued exposure of substances to the enamel of the tooth. Enamel, which covers the visible tooth, is considered to be the hardest tissue in the human body and is exceptionally rugged. This enamel, however, isn’t what causes discoloration of teeth. Enamel is translucent and composed of tiny tubules, which allow stains to permeate the dentin that lies beneath it.


Dentin is the central portion of a tooth and is responsible for its color. This layer of tissue is what absorbs much of the tooth’s stains from things such as sodas, tea or coffee, wine, tobacco, or other products. To successfully whiten your teeth, products must bypass the enamel through the tubules and remove stains from the dentin. This reason is why tooth whitening is virtually harmless to your enamel. In fact, according to WebMD, products which utilize 10 percent carbamide peroxide showed no effect on the mineral content or hardness of a tooth’s enamel surface.

is teeth whitening permanentThe Tooth Whitening Procedure

In the teeth whitening process, your dentist will polish your teeth with a pumice stone to remove any plaque on the surface of the teeth. Once they are cleaned, they will be isolated from the rest of the mouth with gauze, and a whitening solution is applied. This permeates the enamel and brightens the appearances of the dentin. After 90 minutes, the dentist rinses the solution of your teeth, and you achieve the optimal shade of white.

After the Procedure

After the procedure finishes, your dentist will likely advise that you refrain from consuming dark colored food and beverages for at least 24 hours, as they may lead to re-staining. Also, you should be aware that like the original pearly whites, your new smile is also subject to darkening or yellowing over time. Fortunately, the process can be repeated in the future, as needed!

Sick of Stained or Yellow Teeth? Come to Florida Dental Solutions

Yellow teeth might not be a life-threatening condition, but they can have a severe impact on your self-esteem. If you are sick of dealing with stained or yellow teeth, call Florida Dental Solutions today.

At Florida Dental Solutions, we always strive to make dental visits a care-free experience. No matter what your dental problem, we’re here to help. If you are experiencing anxiety or self-consciousness due to discolored teeth, give us a call today at (954) 362-4102 or email our office at to schedule a consultation.

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