Am I a Candidate for Denture Implants?

denture implants

Denture implants are becoming increasingly popular among people who don’t want the hassle of wearing traditional dentures. 

If you are missing your upper and/or lower teeth, denture implants can provide a secure, stable, and natural-looking option for replacing the arches of teeth. 

The best way to find out if you are a candidate for denture implants is by booking a consultation with experienced cosmetic dentists at Florida Dental Solutions. 

What is the Evaluation Process for Denture Implants Surgery? 

Once you schedule your consultation, the dentist will evaluate your current health status and medical history in addition to your general oral health. They will complete a visual examination of your jawbone, gum tissue, and mouth.     

You will also undergo panoramic x-rays and 3D x-rays so our team can thoroughly examine the density and health of your jawbone.

All these steps will help determine whether or not denture implants surgery is a good option for you. In some cases, patients may need periodontal or dental treatment to improve their oral health before they can proceed with the implantation process. 

If your remaining teeth need to be extracted, you can schedule the tooth removal procedure, and the implantation surgery can be set up once the extraction site is completely healed. If you have any questions about denture implants or if you’d like to learn about your candidacy, don’t hesitate to get in touch with a good dentist. 

Signs That You are a Solid Candidate for Denture Implants Surgery

denture implants surgeryTo determine if denture implants will be an ideal option for you, the dentist will consider the following factors: 

You Have Sufficient Jawbone Volume 

It is vital that your jawbone has enough volume so the implants can take hold in the bone and stay secured. We will also check to ensure you don’t have any gum-related issues. 

You Are Healthy 

Generally speaking, you should be free of any such diseases or conditions that can have a negative impact on your body’s healing ability. You should also have a good overall oral health, otherwise, the implant may fail to fuse with your jawbone successfully. 

Life After Denture Implants: What to Expect?

Are you tired of standard dentures that hinder your freedom every day? Are you sick of feeling conscious about smiling and eating around other people? If yes, then it’s time to head to the dentist and get yourself evaluated for denture implants. 

These implants not only feel like natural teeth, they function like them too. Our patients who have undergone denture implants surgery frequently report their excitement about being able to eat corn on the cob or that rare steak again. Denture implants allow the wearer to smile effortlessly and speak more easily and clearly. 

Are You in Need of Denture Implants? 

If you are considering denture implants and want to know if they are the solution to your teeth loss problems, call us at 954-362-4102. If you have any other questions like how much are denture implants or how long the surgery takes, give us a call and our team will be happy to provide you with all the details you need.

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