What Are the Different Types of Dentures and Which Are Best?

different types of dentures

Dentures are a time-tested solution to replace missing teeth and surrounding gum tissue. Advancements in dental technology have led to the creation of high-quality removable dentures. Gone are the days when dentures used to be a clumsy, uncomfortable, one-size-fits-all solution.

Many different types of dentures are available today to suit the specific needs of a patient. These come in two distinct categories: complete and partial dentures. When all the patient’s teeth need replacement, complete dentures are a suitable option. If the patient has some natural teeth intact, then partial dentures are usually recommended.

Your dentist will help you choose the right types of dentures, materials, and designs that fit your needs. Let’s take a look at some of the common types of dentures, as well as which ones are better than the others. 

Traditional Dentures (Complete Dentures)

Traditional dentures replace all the teeth of a patient. This type of dentures lies atop of the patient’s gums, unlike a dental bridge that anchors to preexisting teeth. Dentists match these dentures to the patient between eight and 12 weeks after teeth removal. Patients can remove traditional dentures while sleeping or when they want to clean the device. 

Partial Dentures

types of denturesIf a patient possesses a few natural teeth in the lower or upper jaw, then the dentist may employ different types of partial dentures. Partial dentures utilize either a combination of acrylic and metal or an all-acrylic construction. In addition to all the teeth replacement benefits, partial dentures also prevent the remaining natural teeth from shifting from their position.

Immediate Dentures

As the name suggests, dentists install immediate dentures the same day of teeth extraction. However, not every patient may be a candidate for immediate dentures. Your dentist will evaluate and recommend the right options for you.

Custom Dentures

Dentists fabricate custom dentures to match your natural smile and deliver more appealing and natural-looking results. One benefit of custom dentures is that you can see them before the dentist completes them.

Implant-Supported Dentures

Among all the different types of dentures, implant-supported dentures are the most dependable and beneficial option. The dentist will use a dental implant to support your denture securely in its place. Implant-supported dentures are an ideal choice if you are looking for more stability from the device. 

The dental implant will serve as a solid foundation, which enables the denture to remain securely in its desired position. Patients who are seeking to restore their full oral appearance and function should preferably choose implant-supported dentures. 

The level of increased stability in implant-supported dentures ensures that you can talk, eat, and perform other oral functions more comfortably and confidently. This option is more invasive because it involves dental implants. Nevertheless, these dentures will improve your well-being and quality of life in a much better way compared to the other types of dentures. 

Key Takeaway

As you can see, dentures come in a variety of different materials and styles. A qualified dentist should work alongside you to determine what is appropriate for your needs. Call Florida Dental Solutions at 954-362-4102 to book an appointment and find a denture solution that works best for you. Restore your smile to its former glory with our various denture options.

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