How Does Denture Implant Surgery Work?

denture implant surgery

You may have seen your grandmother or another elderly loved one use traditional dentures, which are a set of false teeth that rest on the gums. Also, you may have heard funny stories about dentures falling off at the most unfortunate times. Thankfully, these old dentures are a thing of the past. Now, implant-supported dentures are the go-to, stable form of teeth replacement.

Also known as denture implants, these dentures are a kind of over-denture supported by implants attached to the jawbone itself. Installing these denture implants requires a surgical procedure and a brief recovery period. Let’s delve further into this topic to define the types of denture implants and determine how denture implant surgery works.

Denture Implant Types

There are two kinds of denture implants: ball-retained and bar-retained. Whichever denture implant you choose, it starts with a flesh-colored acrylic base that will resemble your gums. Then, specialists attach natural-looking acrylic or porcelain teeth to this base. Both types of denture implants require at least two implants to stay secure. 

Ball-Retained Denture Implants 

Also known as stud-attachment dentures, in ball-retained denture implants, each implant in the jawbone clasps a metal attachment that inserts into a connection on the denture implants

Bar-Retained Denture Implants 

A paper-thin metal bar attaches to two to five implants in your jawbone. This thin bar follows the curve of your jaw. Then, attachments like clips fasten to the denture implant, metal bar, or both. The implant fits over the metal bar, and the clips keep it in place.

denture implant surgery processThe Denture Implant Process

Dentists generally place denture implants in the jawbone at the front of your mouth because that’s where most of the bone is, as compared to the back of your jaw. This process is the same, even if you have been missing one or more teeth for quite some time. Also, there are not many nerves or other structures in the front part of the jaw that can hinder implant placement. 

The time required for the denture implant process varies, with the shortest duration being seven months in the upper jaw and five months in the lower jaw. During this time frame, your dentist will conduct the denture implant surgery, as well as the placement of the implants. If you need to undergo bone grafting or any other procedure, the process can last 12 months or more. 

In most cases, people require two surgeries. The first one is to place the denture implants in the jawbone under the gums. The second procedure is to expose the topmost parts of the implants. There is a period of three to six months between both the surgeries.

Who Should Get a Denture Implant Surgery?

People who are missing one or more of their natural teeth and want to pursue a long-lasting, high-quality tooth replacement option should consider getting denture implants. At Florida Dental Solutions, our implant-supported dentures look and function just like natural teeth. Denture implants are much more stable than traditional dentures. Since these implants anchor to your jaw, they don’t shift, so you will never have to worry about your dentures slipping and falling out of your mouth while you’re eating or speaking in public. 

Call Florida Dental Solutions About Quality Dental Restoration Options

If you are looking into denture implants as your preferred tooth replacement option, enlist the services of a skilled team of dentists with experience in installing denture implants. At Florida Dental Solutions, we provide high-quality, affordable, and durable denture implants that will improve your smile and boost your confidence. 

Don’t hesitate any longer to start the process, because the sooner you begin, the sooner you will be enjoying your new, natural-looking smile. Call us today at 954-362-4102 to schedule an appointment and work alongside a dentist to choose the denture implant plan that suits you best.

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