Choosing the Best Type of Denture Implants

types of denture implants

A lot of patients are choosing to undergo denture implant surgery these days. Even after losing only one tooth, it can be hard to smile without embarrassment. Also, everyone has heard the horror stories about traditional dentures falling out in social situations, so people are looking for more stable options for teeth replacement.

With high-quality denture implants, you have a solution that addresses the common issues that standard denture wearers face. Modern denture implants directly connect with attachments embedded into the jawbone. Therefore, patients can speak normally, and there is no necessity for messy adhesives to keep the dentures secured. This article will cover the types of denture implants to help you choose the best option for your situation.

How Do I Choose the Best Denture Implants?

What makes the best denture implants is dependent upon the person asking the question. Each person is different, and each variety of denture implants is not suitable for every patient. Depending on your dental health, age, and disease status, a qualified dentist will help you make the best decision. Denture implants are ideal for people who have a healthy jawbone that can accommodate the implants safely, even if they don’t have any jaw teeth. These implants provide excellent stability while speaking and chewing, functioning similarly to your natural teeth. 

There are two main kinds of denture implants: fixed and removable. For fixed denture implants, the dentist screws the implant and the dentures themselves into the jawbone. For removable denture implants, the implant installation is similar, but the dentures are removable for cleaning. 

best denture implantsThere are more categories within these types, including full or partial dentures. The removable denture implants come in two varieties as well: implant-supported and implant-retained. Once again, we recommend scheduling an appointment with Florida Dental Solutions, because you cannot make a proper decision about what type of dentures to choose without a comprehensive dental examination by a reliable dentist.

How the Best Denture Implants Can Change Your Life

Every day can become more challenging once you lose one or more teeth to an injury, illness, genetic condition, or tooth decay. Missing a tooth diminishes your confidence. It makes it hard to smile among close friends, let alone go out in public to eat.

Maybe the aesthetic part does not apply to you because you own a set of standard dentures. However, how comfortable are you with them? Traditional dentures shift around in the mouth, cause mouth sores, and induce pain. Moreover, they require regular visits to the dentist for adjustments. These are just a few in the long list of drawbacks associated with traditional dentures.

In comparison, denture implants attach to installations inserted into the roots of the teeth. Not only are denture implants more comfortable than standard models, but they offer a more secure fit as well. In other words, quality denture implants allow you to enjoy life again to the fullest. You can start eating your favorite foods again, including corn on the cob, rare steak, chewy candies, and more. When you have stable teeth due to denture implants, nothing is off-limits. You will be able to speak and enunciate words without worrying about your traditional dentures coming unseated mid-sentence.

With denture implants, your jawbone will stay healthy and in the correct shape. When you lose your teeth, you become at risk for bone atrophy or bone shrinkage. This ailment can cause your face to appear sunken, which makes you look much older. Denture implants prevent this deterioration, and you will have fewer dentist visits, as you will not need constant adjustments.

Contact Florida Dental Solutions and Get Your Smile Back!

Are you ready to eradicate the frustration, discomfort, and lack of self-esteem you feel due to your missing teeth? Start the denture implant process by choosing a qualified dentist with years of experience providing denture implants to satisfied patients. At Florida Dental Solutions, we provide high-quality, affordable, and comprehensive denture implant services that will give you back the smile of your youth. Call us at 954-362-4102 to schedule a consultation and learn about the best denture implant option for you.

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